Offering weekly private voice and Piano lessons for children, youth and Adults

Discover (or rediscover) the joy of studying music in a welcoming and pressure-free environment! 


Lessons are designed to provide students with proper and healthy vocal technique, strong vocal ability and performance skills. Students are taught vocal technique as well as supplemental material of interest; including pop, rock, jazz and musical theatre.


Lessons are designed to provide students with a solid grounding in sight reading, ear training, music theory, technical proficiency and performance abilities. Students learn many styles and genres; using a variety of method book material and curriculum from the Royal Conservatory syllabus.


Students study theory in their practical lessons as part of a complete musical education and to aid in music literacy. However, Theory Levels 5 through 8 can also be taken as individual courses if necessary. Many post-secondary music programs require completion of Level 8 Theory (formerly Advanced Rudiments) for successful admission.

Unleash your creative potential with music lessons.